By its very nature, the term "Business" is quite diverse, encompassing several aspects of marketing, promotion and advertisement, before getting into more esoteric territories such as, broadly speaking, economics, finance, law, day-to-day communication and many other aspects that in the end constitute part of a firm's activities as well as its (corporate) identity and image.

From minutes, memos and ads to complex legal and financial texts or motivational writings, a notable part of a company's mission statement succeeds or fails depending on how these are translated. At its best best, translation offers a multiplier effect; at its worst, however, it can cause serious complications and fuel a vicious cycle of across-the-board.failure. 

Business is a core specialisation for me, due to my diverse work experience and educational background. I've studied balance sheets in Greece and in the U.S. as well as (more recently) in the UK, to trade and analyse stocks and from a legal perspective. This background sheds light on an extremely wide spectrum of related and correlated issues.

Total volume so far (including financial texts): 2.5 million words (of source text).

business translations English to Greek, German to Greek


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