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Georgios Zoumpoulidis is a full time freelance translator, reviewer, QA specialist and writer since 2003 and the operator of this web site (prakteon.com). You may also see our d.b.a.,  "Prakteon", in your invoices.

With 10+ years' worth of experience in legal, business, financial, IT, software & hardware localisation and gaming texts (as well as a few selected tech fields), Georgios boasts of an impressive roster of end-clients, agencies and projects over the years, with 99.9% of his volume originating from non- Greece based translation agencies (with the U.S, the UK, Canada and Germany accounting for almost 84%). He also held a PM position for a period of over 12 months for a small German translation agency. 

In late 2013 he completed his MA in Translation in Guildford, UK (University of Surrey). 2015 marked another significant milestone, as he moved to Cardiff, Wales, UK to start his PhD in Translation Studies ("Towards a topological translation theory"), and now lives there, studying as well as teaching translation (teaches two undergraduate seminar series for the modules Introduction to Translation Theory and Principles of Translation Theory).


Our former business address (Greece, till 2012):
1 Vakhou St. & Lagkada,  Thessaloniki 546 29, Greece, E.U.

Contact us via our web form.

Current tel.: +44 113 3144443 (UK + worldwide) 

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